Hi there! My name is Soren. I'm a Computer Scientist by trade, but I also love the world of art and storytelling. This is where I combine all those crazy awesome things into pet projects and new ideas.

Very proud of this photo of random street cat 🤩 @ North Beach, San Francisco
Sun on the east side @ New York, New York
And I can't get rid of tingling fear You'd sort me out if my head gets clear #borderline
I'm borderline happy and I'm borderline sad, I'm borderline good and I'm borderline bad.
The museum of ice cream is definitely an instagrammer’s heaven @ MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM SAN FRANCISCO
It's a doggo! @ Alamere Falls
Just posted a photo @ Alamere Falls
A rose must remain with the sun and the rain or it's lovely promise won't come true. To each…
It's an eclipse! @ San Francisco, California
If crazy equals genius, if crazy equals genius then I'm a fkin arsonist, I'm a rocket scientist #deathOfABachelor

Hunger Games: Why Peeta is Important

NOV 27 2013

So, this is kind of my first public reflection on a movie, sorry if it’s not 100% eloquent =__=U

And note that everything below is just about the movies, I have not yet read any of the books (though maybe in the future I’ll get around to it).

Soooo…I just watched Catching Fire today (some spoilers below) and I was really interested watching Peeta.

Now, most people generally have been rallying behind the Katniss and Gale relation, and it’s kind of popular on the internet to make fun of Peeta because he’s not as good looking and, more importantly, because he’s not as strong as Katniss or even Gale.

But this is why Peeta is so important. Peeta is, in many ways, a

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So I’ve Been Thinking…

NOV 11 2013

Sigh, I’ve been kind of stressing over the past couple of weeks :P


Basically I’ve been going over the whole kickstarter thing in my head, and just wondering how to execute it and all. It is a really really big project, because doing a kickstarter involves a lot of extra prizes, incentives, etc. And since I’ll be graduating soon and then moving to a new state, that means that I won’t really be able to dedicate enough time to it until about 6 months from now :P

Also, I got some advice that it would be better to kind of start small and see what the interest level is for something like a pack of playing cards.


What does that mean for

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I’ve Been Dead

OCT 28 2013

Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been so dead on tumblr lately, it was partly because school started, partly because I moved and partly because I’ve been lazy :P

But…exciting news is up ahead! I just FINALLY (I think) finished the final versions of all my Zelda cards. So many of them went through so many iterations and revisions, but I think I’ve locked down on most of the designs.

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So I Really Hate Zelda Now…

JUN 03 2013


So I’ve redesigned my Zelda card for the third time O_O


I don’t know why she’s so hard for me. Most of the other cards I sketch for a while, and then the digital part comes easy. But her…I can get a good rough sketch but when I try to add details and color it just goes down the toilet. Her colors are kind of

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New Project: Legend of Zelda Playing Cards

JUN 01 2013

So for my birthday this year, a friend gave me a copy of Hyrule Historia. I’ve been combing it through looking at all the concept art and reading all the lore and timeline structure :3 And as I was doing so, I was hugely inspired to do some Legend of Zelda fan art.

Well it just so happens that my friends and I had been playing card games during my birthday celebration, and suddenly the connection was clear to me. I rushed to my computer and proceeded to create this:

I was really quite proud of it, and so decided to post it on reddit. And then, something amazing happened.

I got a wave of amazing comments and my post reached the front page! I had like 15 minutes of fame but that was enough to inspire me to continue with this idea. So here I am, writing out a plan to make a full Legend of Zelda deck of playing cards!!

I’m super excited and I’ve been sketching like crazy. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated, but for now I must go and draw some more!