Hi there! My name is Soren. I'm a Computer Scientist by trade, but I also love the world of art and storytelling. This is where I combine all those crazy awesome things into pet projects and new ideas.

Secret garden!? @ North Beach, San Francisco
I just published “Tears at Midnight”…
Oh you've been thinking of leaving I've been thinking the same So leave your key and shut the door, I won't get in your way
The wind rises and I rise also In its arms I feel strong and kiss the sunbeams against my back…
I just published “The Wind Rises”…
I'm a cold hard criminal ☠️☠️☠️ @ Monopoly in the Park
Just posted a photo @ North Beach, San Francisco
Clear skies for boat rides @ Stow Lake

I’ve Been Dead Episode 2, the Saga Continues

AUG 01 2014

Hello everyone!

In the last two months, I graduated college, moved to a new state, started a job and lived without internet service @_@ So I’ve been having a hard time keeping my blog active


BUT fear not because I’m back baby! And I am amazed and grateful that I have quite a few new followers to join me! Welcome guys, and I promise i’ll try to put some interesting things on your dash in the coming months.

Speaking of the coming months, I have a few projects I’m really excited about! Firstly, dun dun dun dunnnn BLUE HYLIAN COURT CARDS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!!

This color was really widely requested, so they are now available for purchase at my shop.

However: I will be traveling out of the country from August 13th until September 2nd, so if you do order something in that time frame, just know that shipping will be delayed until September 3rd.

Next exciting thing on the radar: SAILOR MOON PLAYING CARDS WOOO. I’ve got three scouts done and a fourth in the editing phase, take a look:

Any comments or critiques are highly highly appreciated; I’m still in the beginning stages of solidifying the design so if you guys have suggestions let me know either through my ask box or by emailing me at

And finally, last exciting news; I hope to have my website finished and live by October. My website will have a new and greatly improved shop, as well as a lot of other cool things to make it easier to communicate with me and see what i’m up to. Tumblr will still be my primary blog though, and I plan to be much more vigilant in maintaining and updating it :)

I’ll also be setting up my instagram soon too yay! (time to steal people’s nice food and take picsssss)

So yeah, that’s all the updates for now! Byeeeee