Hi there! My name is Soren. I'm a Computer Scientist by trade, but I also love the world of art and storytelling. This is where I combine all those crazy awesome things into pet projects and new ideas.

Riding through a Washington winter wonderland ☃️☃️☃️ @ Leavenworth, Washington
Very proud of this photo of random street cat 🤩 @ North Beach, San Francisco
Sun on the east side @ New York, New York
And I can't get rid of tingling fear You'd sort me out if my head gets clear #borderline
I'm borderline happy and I'm borderline sad, I'm borderline good and I'm borderline bad.
The museum of ice cream is definitely an instagrammer’s heaven @ MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM SAN FRANCISCO
It's a doggo! @ Alamere Falls
Just posted a photo @ Alamere Falls
A rose must remain with the sun and the rain or it's lovely promise won't come true. To each…
It's an eclipse! @ San Francisco, California

Convention this weekend!

FEB 08 2016


Hey everyone! If you want to get a chance to meet me in person and / or buy some of my playing cards, I’m going to be at Chibi Chibi Con!

What -> Anime / Comic convention run by The Evergreen State College

When -> Feb 13th, Noon until Midnight

Where -> Olympia, WA

Who -> Me!

Check out the full event page here: The admission is totally free so if you’re in the

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My First Con Ever OMFG

SEP 1 2015



So I’ve never been to a comic convention before, and although this one is a small one, I’m really pumped that I’m going to get to attend. Better yet, I’m going to be tabling at the artist alley and selling my cards! Which con is this, you ask? I should have probably written that in the title, I reply..

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New Blog Design

AUG 5 2015


Woo time for a design overhaul!

For some reason, about a month ago I woke up and thought…you know I should really redo my website…


I guess to be fair, my current website is in WordPress, which isn’t the best for ecommerce, and there have been some annoyances with it. Now I’m making my website in Drupal, which hopefully should be better, faster stronger th-th-that dat don’t kill me

It will be a while until that’s done though, because not only am I learning how to use Drupal for the first time, I’m also restructuring stuff, redesigning everything and a whole lot of other stuff (again, why did I do this to myself??)….

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International Sailor Moon Day

JUL 29 2015

Hey everyone!

So for those of you in the Seattle area, GUESS WHAT?? You can meet yours truly IN THE FLESH



haha but more importantly, I GET A CHANCE TO MEET YOU! What am I talking about, you ask? Why Seattle’s very own International Sailor Moon Day Event!

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Steven Universe Posters

JUL 29 2015


So some of you might have noticed that i’ve been doing a lot of SU fanart lately (here, here, here, here and here). Most of it I was kind of dissatisfied with because I’m pretty bad at digital painting (majority of what I consider my best work has been vector art or hand drawn). It’s something I’m still working on, and hopefully someday i’ll be more happy with the result!

So yeah, those works didn’t seem poster-worthy, and I really wanted to make some SU fanart I could hang up on my wall. Currently I have this poster on my wall, and of course it inspired me a lot in making my own version!

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Moon Prism Final Card Design

APR 3 2015




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I Built a Mirror Shield and Hero’s Shield!!

MAR 28 2015

So a couple of months ago I got access to a laser cutter at work. And i decided to take full advantage of it by laser cutting parts for my first attempt at prop building.

And since y’all know I’m such a Zelda fan, I had to make some

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Sailor Moon Playing Cards Progress

FEB 16 2015

So a while ago I mentioned that I had a new playing card project underway. Well I’m excited to show you guys some of the progress I’ve made on this deck, and how I went from not at all knowing what I was doing to (somewhat) getting on the right track. Let’s start with a look at my first couple of iterations of these cards:

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I’ve Been Dead Episode 2, the Saga Continues

AUG 01 2014

Hello everyone!

In the last two months, I graduated college, moved to a new state, started a job and lived without internet service @_@ So I’ve been having a hard time keeping my blog active


BUT fear not because I’m back baby! And I am amazed and grateful that I have quite a few new followers to join me! Welcome guys, and I promise i’ll try to put some interesting things on your dash in the coming months.

Speaking of the coming months, I have a few projects I’m really excited about! Firstly, dun dun dun dunnnn

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Sailor moon playing cards!?

APR 24 2014

A while ago, I was just doodling and ended up making a quick Sailor Moon playing card sketch for fun. It was just a sketch, but I couldn’t shake the thought of doing a full Sailor Moon deck, since Sailor Moon is such an influential anime for me.

Sooooo….I’m gonna do it! I’m going to make a full Sailor Moon themed deck :D

Here’s a look at my initial sketch, and a prototype card design featuring Sailor Mars.

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Legend of Zelda Playing Cards

FEB 16 2014

Hello everyone!

So, remember the Legend of Zelda playing cards I used to post about but then kind of stopped? It’s not because I forgot about them, I promise! Actually they will be available for sale soooooooon (very soon).

Yay I’m so excited!


but then…I’m kind of nervous too…I hope people like them…what if they don’t….nnnnghhh…

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